15 Best Electric Longboards in 2023 Ultimate Guide

Electric skateboards are awesome. That is very great. We will appreciate the urge to get one of these after seeing somebody else cruising about town a single and deciding that you, too, desire a copy of your personal. It’s a passion at an initial glimpse for a lot of individuals, but picking out the proper one isn’t always a simple chore.

For this reason, we have compiled information pertaining to the subject of electric skateboards which you will want to understand, and included it in the information which you can find here now. We are here to assist you in finding the Good Electric Longboards

 That will meet all of your requirements.

In this article, we will examine a wide variety of possibilities that are available to a variety of purchasers, and we will also go through a comprehensive purchasing guide that will assist you in recognizing crucial aspects as you make your selection. Continue reading for a review of the nine best electric skateboards in 2022! If you’re searching for the best budget electric skateboard, you’ll find a suitable option in the list that follows.

Best Electric Skateboard under $500:


Wowgo 3

Wowgo 3

  • Price: $399
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p
  • Range11 miles/ 18km
  • Top speed: 29mph /46kmh
  • Motors: 2 x 640W (hub)


Wowgo 2s Max

Wowgo 2s Max

  • Price: $449
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p
  • Range11 miles/ 18km
  • Top speed: 29mph /46kmh
  • Motors: 2 x 540W (hub)


Wowgo 2s Max

Meepo V4 Shuffle

  • Price: $339
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p
  • Range11 miles/ 18km
  • Top speed: 23mph/ 38kmh
  • Motors: 2 x 350W (hub)

(1). Wowgo 3 – $399

  • Price: $399
  • Battery: 180wh, 10s2p—above average when compared to other reasonably priced boards
  • Range: 11miles/17km – average
  • Top speed: 24mph/ 39kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 500W (hub) – far higher than typical

Profile of the deck: Adaptable

Time to Charge: Three Hours

Weight: 17.2lbs (7.8kg)

Range: 14mil (22.5km)

There are two motors in each hub, regenerative braking, a wireless control that includes telemetry, and a replaceable polyurethane (PU) tire.

The only purpose Wowgo 3 isn’t talked about much when people talk about the best budget electric skateboard is that no one knows it costs $399 right presently. Wowgo 3 is becoming phased out and substituted by the brand new Wowgo 2s Max. To get rid of the current inventory, Wowgo is cutting the market value by a massive amount.

Once it debuted in 2019 with a price of $519, Wowgo 3 became one of the best electric skateboards in 2021 in its price range.

The board became and still is wonderful to look at. All the board controls and the velocity regulation are really precise because of the fantastic adaptable deck, the authentic Paris truck, and the Hobbywing ESC.

In comparison to other mid-tier boards, the battery pack of 180 Wh and the hub power of 500 W may be seen as insufficient; nonetheless, the price of $399 makes it an insanely good deal. In the purpose of everything that is good, the Paris Truck with the excellent adjustable deck might have certainly justified the sum that was being asked for.


Wowgo 3 has a very specific architectural emphasis. The exact attention to detail in terms of style which has made the Boosted so successful also provides it a very pleasant riding as an option for the final yard.

It does not make any attempt to break any records in terms of maximum speed, torque, range, or wheel size. The end product may not be thrilling or even uninteresting for certain people, however, I think that Wowgo selected that option on purpose so that the Wowgo 3 may be the greatest nice experience that could be found for any budget.

In my opinion, individuals have been successful in achieving their goals. Wowgo 3 is, to put it simply, butter, as is alluded to in the game’s title. The control is quite easy to use. The carving in all directions is as smooth as butter. And all seemed to go off without a hitch.

(2). Wowgo 2s Max – $479:

  • Price: $479
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – more than the industry standard for reasonably priced boards
  • Range: 14.3miles/ 23km – above average
  • Top speed: 28mph/ 45kmh –Above average
  • Motors: two 550W hub motors, each on the top layer

ESC model is a smart-turn on 12s Hobbywing ESC.

Stiff with a little concave is the design of the deck.

Products Descriptions

Wowgo 2s Max is the perfect board for you if you are searching for one which is simple to operate plus provides a pleasant ride overall. Once it regards its specifications, the Wowgo 2s Max is either superior to its rivals (in terms of power and peak speed) or on the level with them (in terms of battery life and range).

The trucks are of high quality and were designed with a focus on reliability. In addition, the velocity controlling is very fast and user-friendly, courtesy here to 12s Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).

The attention to detail, on the other hand, is really what puts Wowgo 2s Max at the forefront. The Wowgo 2s Max is one of the most sophisticated boards available for less than $500, if not THE best beautiful board. The low cost of the product is not discernible from its appearance in any manner, whether it is the foamy grip tape, the graphics below the board, or the wireless controls with improved aesthetics.

The decision appears to indicate that the company with the humorous name has succeeded once again. Wowgo is going to keep its crown for the third year in a row by producing the most high-quality electric skateboard at a reasonable price (first, the Wowgo Knight, then the 2S Pro, now 2s Max.)

Wowgo 2S Max has the power that either met or outmatched that of its rivals, the riding feels that leads the inexpensive class, and the polish that is much above and above the price that is being asked for it.

Briefly said, any rider who is looking for an entry-level hub board that is also economical would give the Wowgo 2S Max (for the time being) serious attention.

(3). Meepo V4 Shuffle – $399:

  • Price:$399
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p – average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 11 miles/ 18km – average
  • Top speed: 29mph /46kmh – top tier
  • Motors: 2 x 640W (hub) – best in class
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile: Stiff, rocker deck, aggressive W-concave

Products Descriptions

You don’t want anything that just says “best overall,” you want something that really carries an impact.

Or maybe you fall into a heavier weight category and are afraid that the best cheap electric skateboard will not be capable to provide the necessary amount of propulsion for you.

In that scenario, the Meepo V4 Shuffle is the board that you ought to get rather than anything else.

Meepo has historically been the one that delivers the most powerful blows, which may be due to the founder Kieran’s fixation with torque. The Meepo V4 features a pair of 640W, which is more powerful than any other board in the sub-$500 category (and maybe even more than most hub boards under $1,000).

Torque is certainly not the sole strength of the Meepo V4 engine, as it is clear. The remainder of the specifications were also competitive with those of similar products. When it comes to the riding experience, the Meepo V4 utilizes the most recent version of the LingYi electronic speed controller (Meepo, being the most popular budget brand, every time seems to get the most recent version), which is totally sleek and easy to regulate and has a little bit more punch than the greatest Hobbywing ESC.

In terms of its riding quality, the Meepo V4 opted to be distinctive rather than take the predictable, comfy, and uninteresting path. Although it has an intense slant and a smaller board that together offer the boards a more sensitive command (hence the name Shuffle), it may not be as comfy for certain people and it may minimize vibrations to a lesser extent.

Meepo V4 is also beyond average in terms of its construction polish and the quality of its pieces. (However, the appearance of the board is quite subjective; for my part, I do not like the way it looks.)

Our Verdict

So, to summarize. The Meepo V4 may not have the largest battery for its cost, although when all is stated and finished, it is better well-rounded and quite adaptable than anything before, even while being just as exhilarating as we have always desired it to be.

Although its rival, the Wowgo 2s Pro (another excellent choice for an entry-level board), has a little advantage when it comes to battery capacity and the amount of fun you can have carving, the Meepo V4 shines on both sides of the spectrum.

On the one side, inexperienced riders will like the comfortable ride and consistency that the Meepo V4 gives. This is due to the fact that the Meepo V4 has stable trucks, a lower riding elevation, and management that is more soothing in the different speed settings. When taken to the opposite extreme, the V4 transforms into an exciting creature once the velocity and braking options are turned up to their maximum settings. The performance is exhilarating, braking which is powerful, and everything else that sets your excitement racing.

The Meepo V4 may also be an excellent choice for an additional demographic that is sometimes overlooked: commuters who use the best electronic skateboard. This is because it has a quick-charge option that just takes 30 minutes, in addition to its shorter length, which makes it simpler to handle, allows for closer bends on walkways, and fits more easily in the trunk of a vehicle.

In conclusion, the Meepo V4 is one of the top two choices, if not the best option currently available on the market for less than $500.

Best Budget Electric Shortboards (under $500):

(1). Meepo Mini 2 – $449:

  • Price: $449
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p – average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 11 miles/ 18km – average
  • Top speed: 29mph /46kmh – top tier
  • Motors:  2 x 540W (hub) – top tier
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile:  Dish-like concave

Products Descriptions:

The Meepo Mini 2 is now old news; because since it came first introduced to the market, it has been widely regarded as the most effective low-cost shortboard in my opinion. Although there have been new and improved boards launched since then, the price of these newer models has increased. In addition time, the Meepo Mini 2 has been receiving upgrades following modifications (updated electronic speed control, refined construction, and improved-looking remote) to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the industry.

As a result of being upgraded to the most recent version of LingYi ESC, the Meepo Mini 2 offers a road performance that is faultless in terms of speed control (the same one found on the Meepo V4). Because these skate components are better than normal, the board settings are excellent as well. It is crucial to note, however, that the Meepo Mini 2 is designed with sturdiness in mind more so than quickness, and that despite appearances, it weighs in at 16 pounds (7.27 kilograms).

In terms of specs, the Meepo Mini 2’s 144wh charger is remarkably regular for a cheap electric skateboard. The 540-watt engines, on the other hand, give it a greater terminal velocity than its peers. Once shopping for a shortboard, max speed is normally not a big deal, but acceleration is. If you’re worried that a cheap shortboard could perhaps not be capable of moving you (for example, if you’re a bigger rider), the Meepo Mini 2 is a great choice.

Often these users don’t require anything else from a skateboard besides the $449 board.

Our verdict:

It is said that the Meepo Mini 2 ER is the most powerful board with a 30-inch body, and I believe that claim to be true. The Meepo Mini 2 ER is an excellent choice for enthusiasts who value both speed and torque and who want these characteristics in a more condensed form. It might be superior to the Boosted Mini X in this regard. Because of the Mini 2 ER, I would choose a short board for a cruise or a party trip, which is something I really imagined I’d say.

On the other side, considering that its body weighs 18 pounds (8 kilograms), it is not going to be the most portable companion for someone who is always on the move. It is not light. In the case of Boosted Mini X, this is exactly the circumstance.

In comparison to the Boosted Mini S, the standard model of the Meepo Mini 2, which weighs 16 pounds or 7.2 kilograms, is a little bit softer and somewhat more suitable for transportable usage.

Those looking for Boosted likely possess quite distinct expectations from those looking for a Meepo to fulfill in their daily lives. When everything is taken into account, I have to admit that the Meepo Mini 2 ER is really darn excellent.

(2). Verreal Mini – $339:

  • Price:  $339
  • Battery: 144wh, 10s2p – average amongst affordable boards
  • Range: 11 miles/ 18km – average
  • Top speed:  23mph/ 38kmh – average
  • Motors:  2 x 350W (hub) – below average
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile: Stiff, rocker deck, aggressive W-concave

Product Description:

Verreal Mini is neither an extremely intriguing board; neither its appearance nor its specifications merit special mention. Although considering that it only costs $339, the board is really rather good.

Even though it costs $300, we had expected a vehicle with a centralized location that was inadequate, however, the Verrell Mini nevertheless has a respectable pair of 350W motors.

The majority of the boards which cost $300 utilize antiquated LingYi ESCs that offer jerky motor velocity; the Verrell Mini, on the other side, employs Hobbywing ESCs, which deliver super-perfect motor velocity.

Verrell is a well-known brand that has a respectable reputation, which is an added bonus.

Our Verdict:

Therefore, if you are in the market for a best-budget electric shortboard but are wanting to cut costs as much as you can, the Verrell Mini would be the product of choice to suggest.

Best Mid-tier Electric Longboard (under $1000):

There was a moment even if no retailer might purchase an estate in this budget range, as no one really might be willing to spend this much money on an unfamiliar product, and no quality brand will indeed be willing to take a revenue trim to provide a product in this price bracket. However, times have changed, and some retailers are now selling skates in this budget range.

People who were interested in upgrading their equipment were willing to pay Meepo, Backfire, Wowgo, Onboard, and Exway a somewhat greater price for something superior as soon as they realized that Chinese low-cost companies had shown their dependability.

In the year 2020, the same pattern will still be seen. The mid-tier market, which was formerly devoid of competition, is currently inundated with numerous options, the majority of which are solid. The greatest electric skateboards would be found around this price range, making them an excellent option for individuals who desire a refined riding experience without costing a fortune.

(1). Backfire Zealot S – $799:

  • Price:  $799
  • Battery: 346wh, 12s2p – competitive for the price
  • Range: 25 miles/ 40km – competitive
  • Top speed:   30mph/ 48kmh – average
  • Motors:   2 x 875W (belt) – below average
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC

Products Descriptions

Whenever it refers to purchasing a mid-tier electric skateboard, the Backfire Zealot S is not only the best well-liked option, but it is certainly the one that makes the best sense. The board features robust specifications that make it comparable with comparable boards of a comparable price range, if even beyond them. In addition to this, the Zealots S is superior made and has a higher level of polish that the majority of its rivals.

It should come as no surprise that Backfire Zealot S is a phenomenal ride. The riding is both steady and pleasant thanks to the versatile composites decking and the CNC-forged trucks. The boards are potent, and the 12s Hobbywing ESC ensures that their strength can be readily managed via controls that are both fast and straightforward.

(2). Exway Flex & Flex Riot – $599:

  • Price:  $599
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – competitive for the price
  • Range: 15.5 miles/ 25km – competitive
  • Top speed: 25mph/ 40kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 1200W (belt)/ 2 x 1000W(hub) –above average
  • ESC: 12s Hobbywing ESC

Product Description:

The Exway Flex is an incredible product. The belt version is available to you, or you may select the center model instead. You will receive a board that has excellent performance and offers terrific surfing pleasure.

The best moment of the Exway Flex is its adaptable board to an assertive wedge which is extremely comfy directly beneath your legs, a seamless, potent, as well as configurable variable-speed cheers to utilizing the absolute best of customized Hobbywing ESC, and Exway’s specialized and still really quite very great Trist truck and wheels. All of these features come together to make the Exway Flex a standout product.

In addition to this, the Exway Flex includes all of the greatest capabilities which you could desire on an electric skateboard. It is equipped with a smartphone app, seems to have a quick switch feature (the board immediately comes on when the control is activated), is resistant to an IP55 standard, and has built-in power protection in the event that the panel is left inactive for quite a long length of time.

In addition, Exway has a stronger prior experience when it comes to providing superior user assistance, significant item polish, and more comprehensive component choices (wheels/pulleys) for its boards.

It has generated a great deal of excitement, and after doing our own analysis of the board, we are certain that the excitement is entirely warranted.

Our verdict:

Exway is a budget-friendly electric skateboard. A budget board is referred to as the Flex. Which might generally suggest low-grade materials and a construction quality that is below average. This is not even close to being true in this scenario. The Flex is a quality board that gives off the impression of being a cheap board.
If you are searching for a board that costs less than $1000 USD, the Exway Flex, which can be purchased for $650 to $700, undoubtedly doubts the board you ought to get.

As a reviewer, I get to ride and evaluate a large number of different boards. From the most affordable boards that were designed to make a fast profit to the most costly premium boards that had enough power to knock your socks off, there was a wide range of prices. I’ve also constructed and repaired a lot more boards, including ones that have sufficient torque to spin the wheels quickly from a stop without any effort and ones that have a top speed of up to 70 miles per hour in theory. I am familiar with all varieties of skates, and I have seen the growth and development of this sector in a variety of unexpected and fascinating ways.

Throughout my experience, I’ve discovered that each and every board has both favorable and unfavorable aspects to it. My role as a reviewer is to provide you with an explanation of each of these issues so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not to purchase the item. I base my suggestions on each and every board’s price-to-value ratio, which can be seen on the board’s product page.

(3). Wowgo AT2 (14AH)- $1099:

  • Price: $1099
  • Battery: 504wh, 10s4p – top tier for the price
  • Range: 18 miles/ 29km – top tier
  • Top speed:  25mph/ 40kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 1500W (belt)– average
  • ESC: 10s Hobbywing ESC.

Product Description:

Wowgo AT2 is a pretty nice choice if you are seeking a $1,000 electric longboard that could be swapped with all inflatable wheels and regular road wheels. If this sounds like what you are searching for, then keep reading.

It has a delightful and pleasant flexible dual deck, 10s4p batteries, and a solid pair of double kingpin trucks. In addition, it has a bunch of distance.

We suggest the Wowgo AT2 above other AT boards created by companies with a lower reputation because, in addition to having robust specifications, it also has a very solid construction and a high level of polish.

Our Verdict:

The Wowgo team should be commended for their work on the AT2 since it not only has decent specifications but also a high-quality feel to back them up. This is the best board to purchase if you have positive benefits for Evolve. After taking everything into consideration, this option may still be preferable to Evolve for individuals who do not have very strong views towards the latter. You will have an overall improved grip and responsiveness with the Hobbywing ESC, and the smart-turn-on function is a really useful addition.

If you are ready to put up with subpar after-sale support and the terribly uncertain delivery time throughout that epidemic, you will absolutely not be frustrated by this particular product.

Best Mid-tier Electric Shortboards: (under $1000):

Once it relates to small electric skateboards priced at less than one thousand dollars, consumers currently have a plethora of choices.

There are many new boards being produced by well-known companies.

These are the most notable examples between them:

(1). Wowgo Mini 2 – $599:

  • Price:  $599
  • Battery: 187.2wh, 10s2p – competitive for the price
  • Range: 15 miles/ 25km – average
  • Top speed: 25mph /40kmh –average
  • Motors: 2 x 680W (hub) – top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart power on
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave.

Product Description:

If you’re searching for the best electric shortboard and desire to pick an ‘ideal’ buy, the Wowgo Mini 2 is the finest board you can buy without spending too much money.

Whereas the battery specification is only comparable (10s2p) and the highest speed of 25mph is very typical, they are probably unimportant once it relates to short boarding. A larger battery equals a heavier board, which defies the objective of having a shortboard in the first place, which is generally mobility.

Despite said, the Wowgo Mini 2 succeeds in all areas. A strong pair of motors that will satisfy especially the most experienced rider, a quick and agile ride, and, of course, ultra smooth and instinctive control.

It’s true that there is a better powerful shortboard skateboard available for a greater price, but why spend more money when the Wowgo Mini 2 offers everything a shortboard requires? Oh, and the board has a great appearance and is cleaned to a high degree.

Our Verdict:

The Meepo Mini 2 ER is preoccupied with becoming the most potent board that can fit into a 30-inch body, and I believe that it succeeds in doing so. The Meepo Mini 2 ER is an excellent choice for enthusiasts who value both speed and torque and who want these characteristics in a more condensed form. It may even be superior to the Boosted Mini X in this respect. I always assumed that I would never choose a shortboard for a cruise or group ride, but after riding the Mini 2 ER, I might consider doing so.

In comparison to the Boosted Mini S, the standard model of the Meepo Mini 2, which weighs 16 pounds or 7.2 kilograms, is a little bit thinner and somewhat more adapted for transportable usage.

(2). Tyneeboard Mini Belt 5AH – $579:

  • Price:  $579
  • Battery: 180wh, 10s2p – competitive for the price
  • Range: 12 miles/ 19km – average
  • Top speed:23mph /38kmh –average
  • Motors: 2 x 875W (belt) – top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart power on
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave with a short kicktail.

Product Description:

Simply the fact that the Tyneeboard Mini Belt is the most capable belt shortboard available at a reasonable rate has contributed to the board’s rising popularity. If you are a shortboard rider who enjoys belt-driven boards, probably for the more comfortable ride believe that is afforded by following four real wheels instead of two stiff hub motors, perhaps for the strong acceleration from a stop, perhaps for the louder sound it makes, and most importantly, if you don’t mind the decreased range that is suffered from heading belt, then the Tyneeboard Mini Belt hits all of those focuses.

In addition to having an inexpensive belt drive, the Tyneeboard Mini has a sturdy truck and a reasonably broad wheelbase, all of which contribute to a ride that is relaxed, smooth, and comfortable. Having said that, this does trade some agility in exchange for stability. Its short kicktail makes kick turning more difficult, but it also minimizes the likelihood of accidentally wheeling the board.

If you desire a belt-driven shortboard and are looking for one with a decent polish as well as high-constructed quality from a recognized company, this should be the first board you look at.

Our Verdict:

If you or someone you know is searching for a belt-driven shortboard, the Tynee Board Mini featuring belt motors is an excellent option to consider. The Tyne Board Mini Belt should be your best choice whether you are a larger rider searching for a shortboard that packs torques or an individual who simply couldn’t take the riding sensation of hub motors. Not only does it provide a great deal of value for the price, but there are also no other alternatives available that come anything close to matching this product’s cost.

(3). Exway Wave & Wave Riot – $699:

  • Price:  $699
  • Battery: 216wh, 12s2p – average for the price
  • Range: 11.5 miles/ 18km – below average
  • Top speed: 23.5mph/ 38kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 800W (belt)/ 2 x 1000W (hub) – top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart power on
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave.

Product Description:

The Exway Wave is the best electric shortboard that you should acquire if you are looking for the most sophisticated model that is packed with features. A deck with a Dish-like concave that is short makes the board comfy beneath your feet and contributes to the board’s agile control. As is their custom, Exway employs high-quality skate and electrical components that are on par with those used in the production of luxury skateboards.

On top of that, the Exway Wave comes with a plethora of helpful features such as IP55 Waterproofing, integrated LED lighting, a mobile app, and a battery that can be swapped out while it’s still running!

The Exway Wave is an excellent suggestion for anybody who is searching for an electric shortboard. When you consider how fantastic this board is in addition to the fact that Exway is a solid company that provides outstanding after-sales support, the Exway Wave is an obvious choice.

Our Verdict:

The Wave is the best shortboard for intermediate surfers. I have to say that despite the fact that I don’t often ride or appreciate shortboard skateboarding, I have to admit that I’m really delighted with it. I believe that Exway has succeeded in penetrating two of the three primary market categories with the Wave. They provide the Wave, which has a shorter range and is more portable, in addition to the Flex, which is designed for common consumers. Even though the outcome of the all-terrain board has not yet been determined, I am certain that they will be successful in spite of this setback.

(4). Meepo Mini 2 ER – $589:

  • Price:  $589
  • Battery:  302.4wh, 10s2p – top tier for the price
  • Range:  20 miles/ 32km – top tier
  • Top speed: 29mph /46kmh – top tier
  • Motors:  2 x 540W (hub) – top tier
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile: Dish-like concave.

Products Descriptions

The Meepo Mini 2 is the greatest value for less than $500, but the Meepo Mini 2 ER is a top selection for anybody seeking the best electric skateboard for adults with a lot of range. Both models are available.

The Meepo Mini 2 ER is suitable for the majority of riders since it has responsive steering, strong motors, a high-quality construction, and a substantial amount of batteries. The board is not as agile as a shortboard since it is hefty, sturdy, and broad. It rides more like a longboard because of these characteristics. However, if mobility is important to you, you should search elsewhere since this item is rather heavy.

Our Verdict:

The Meepo Mini 2 ER is preoccupied with becoming the utmost capable board that can fit into a 30-inch body, and I believe it succeeds in doing so. The Meepo Mini 2 ER is an excellent option for enthusiasts who value both speed and torque and want both in a condensed form factor; in this regard, it might even be superior to the Boosted Mini X. I never imagined that I would choose a shortboard for a cruise or group ride, but after riding the Mini 2 ER, I would.

Best Premium Electric Skateboard (over $1000):

Let’s encounter it: almost all of the best electric skateboards that cost more than one thousand dollars are of extremely high quality. They are all made to a high standard, have impressive specifications, and provide solid after-sale support.

Nevertheless, a few boards are more prominent than others for a reason, and these are the top alternatives that require your initial attention. You should focus on selecting one of these boards.

(1). Meepo Hurricane – $1,599:

  • Price:  $1,599
  • Battery:  725.8wh, 12s4p – top tier for the price
  • Range:  31 miles/ 50km – top tier
  • Top speed: 35mph /56kmh – best
  • Motors: 2 x 3500W (belt) – best
  • ESC: LingYi (LY-FOC 1.0) with push to start
  • Deck profile: Carbon Fiber double-drop deck

Products Descriptions

Meepo has always been recognized for two things: delivering loads of value despite exceeding the rival in price, and creating incredibly strong boards. Both of these factors have contributed to Meepo’s reputation throughout the years.

It is thus not unexpected that the Meepo Hurricane swiftly quickly became one of the most common types of electric skateboards in the years 2021 and 2022. It performed very well in each of the aforementioned categories.

The Meepo Hurricane has one of the largest batteries available, is very powerful, and reaches incredible speed and peak speeds. Remarkably, it manages to do all of these things while still maintaining a high level of constructed construction, aesthetics, and ride comfort.

Because the board is less curvy than stable, riders who want to maximize the enjoyment they get from hacking might have to search for another ride. However, for the bulk of e-skaters, the Meepo Hurricane would be all they could desire at an incredible price.

Our Verdict:

Even after more than half a year has passed after the first debut of the Meepo Hurricane, the board continues to enjoy enormous popularity despite the fact that the initial hoopla around it has subsided. Because Meepo Hurricane not only knocked it out of the parks when it came to giving the greatest price for the money but also because it has a beautiful appearance and excellent polish to go with it, we believe that all of this adulation is quite well.

(2). Exway Atlas Carbon (4WD) – $1,999:

  • Price:  $1,999
  • Battery: 518wh, 12s2p – average for the price
  • Range: 16.8 miles/ 27km – average
  • Top speed: 32mph /51kmh – average
  • Motors: 4 x 1200W (belt) – top tier
  • ESC: Hobbywing ESC with smart turn on
  • Deck profile: Carbon Fiber double-drop deck.

Products Descriptions

Exway is the brand that you must really go to, and the Exway Atlas is the board that you must acquire when you’re searching for the finest refined possible encounter while electric skating.

In spite of the fact that the specifications on paper may not sweep anybody away, the riding pleasure of the Atlas should. The Exway Atlas boasts one of the greatest dual kingpin trucks available, making it a fun truck to cut in while still being sturdy at high speeds. And if you’re looking for tonnes of torque, possessing four motors is the best way to go about it.

The board seemed to have loaded with functionality & offered a wide variety of optional attachments to choose from. It offers an intelligent switch-on feature, an IP55 waterproof certification, and several helpful applications.

The board is also modular, which means that you can personalize anything about it, including the number of drivetrains that you place on it, the wheels, and the configurations that you use using mobile applications.

To reiterate, if you care about providing a sophisticated experience for your users, Exway Atlas would be made you incredibly pleased.

(3). Propel Endeavor Pro – $2,099:

  • Price:  $2,099
  • Battery:  1110wh, 12s5p – best for the price
  • Range:  44 miles/ 71km – best
  • Top speed: 31mph /50kmh – average
  • Motors: 2 x 3000W (belt) – top tier
  • ESC: Flipsky VESC
  • Deck profile: Carbon Fiber deck, suspension trucks!

Products Descriptions

The cost of an off-road suspension board used to be unfathomably high, but nowadays it’s much more reasonable. The Propel Endeavor Pro has extremely acceptable specifications for its price of $2,000, is made pretty nicely, and rides quite well. The suspension system is able to manage very rocky terrain, the VESC gives ultimate precision in variable speed, and the two 3000W motors have the ability to withstand extreme off-roading.

Although off-road suspension boards are often impractical for ordinary street riding due to their extreme weight, lack of real-world agility, and lack of enjoyment for carving, the Propel Endeavor Pro is still really quick and sufficient even to make street racing enjoyable. In point of fact, the Propel Endeavor Pro is such an excellent bargain for the money that it renders similarly priced ordinary longboards seem like “poor buys” in contrast.

To summarize, the Endeavor Pro would be the finest board for you when you are interested in off-road electric skateboarding, sometimes known as “mountain e-skating,” or if you just desire an electric skateboard that is fully resistant to potholes.

Our Verdict:

If you are looking for an electric skateboard for commuting in the city or for some fun carving, anything from Propel EV is probably going to be overkill and the wrong decision for you. If you are searching for an off-road suspension board, however, the Propel Endeavor Pro is a simple suggestion to make, provided that you have the necessary funds.

In point of fact, we definitely suggest the Endeavor Pro above the Endeavor S due to the fact it is simply often more enjoyable to ride on. The VESC alone could have made the upgrade worthwhile and enhanced the amount of pleasure that can be had from these advanced robots.

The Beasts Are in the Boutique: (Very Expensive)

If money were no object, it would be straightforward to say that the electric skateboards with the most exorbitant prices were the finest. However, there is just no way to evaluate the many boards available at this price point, which makes it almost difficult to rate the products in this category.

When a board is being sold at this price, the feature that makes it so desirable often has little to do with the numbers themselves, but rather everything to do with the design of the board. These are the smaller-scale boutique businesses or DIY-based sellers who strive to create the toughest monster that money can buy. These boards are made of boards.

Bottom Line:

The best electric skateboards may be found at each of the price points listed above. I really hope that you had fun reading this list and that will make you able to know what is the best electric skateboard in the market and make an educated buying choice.

If you like doing your own study, please visit our page, where we have collated all of the facts about the best electric skateboard for beginners. 

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