Best Longboard Dancing And Freestyle Wheels Complete Guide

Longboard dancing has been around for a while, however, it has recently been gaining a ton of popularity. The problem is, there aren’t quite a few pros sharing information. Beginners can feel a bit lost and don’t recognize where to begin.

Best longboard dancing

With that thoughts, I’ll be describing to you some of the best longboard dance wheels you can get. After studying my manual, you’ll have a handful of options you may select from.

Detail about longboards with dancing:

The best longboard wheels for the community can give you more control when you’re on the move. They can help you to cut through cracks and over curbs, or speed up when you want to cruise around town.

This longboard is the perfect tool to keep you practising your favourite dance routines. It comes with a good amount of wheels and trucks, so you’ll be ready to go with no delay whatsoever. The deck features a deep concave design that makes it extremely comfortable to ride or stand on.

These Longboard Wheels are made from the best biaxial urethane and are the most compatible wheels with all types of jeep boards.

Best longboard dancing

Durable, strong and lightweight, this skateboard works well for all kinds of tricks and stunts. Carve out plenty of time to learn your first few turns and get used to the feeling of flying across the park in these durable wheels.

The best longboard for freestyle dancing, for easy street tricks, for being comfortable and quiet. Longboards are an ideal form to learn how to slide on the ground, step on and balance. Dancing is a big part of having fun! If you are interested in doing so, then this article can help you choose the best longboard for freestyle and freestyle skating movements.

Longboard dancing and freestyling are one of the most popular social activities in America. At least every weekend you must go to some dancing streets. Longboarding is now being used as a tool to dance on the road.  Today, we present you with our first-class longboards, of various sizes and designs. They are the real deal for this type of dancing.

Best longboard dancing

Longboard dancing can be a fun and exciting way to exercise. Longboarding for dancing, however, can pose some problems. There are several options for longboard wheels that can make a difference in your dancing experience. We will discuss each individual part of your setup the best longboard wheels and why they are important for this particular style of skating.

The Longboard is the perfect board for a longboard dancing setup. It provides you with a smooth ride and smooth torque to allow your feet to perform the dance moves that keep your audience entertained. It also has a wider platform for better slide, so even if you’re riding on a road full of bumps, you won’t worry about banging up your wheels. The wheels are good quality because they’re made from 100% aluminium, which is durable and lightweight. In addition, it has beautiful graphics that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Dancing freestyle longboard

The Best Longboards with Dancing, Freestyle Wheel and Buying guide helps you learn about the top 10 best longboards with dancing. These are suitable for freestyle longboard skating and commuting. You can cruise on these longboards at any place and at any time.

A well-equipped longboard is a great way to get around and explore the city. Screaming down the street or zooming up and down hills is both exciting and fun, as long as you know your limits. Ask around about places to go, and learn a few dance moves to enjoy yourself even more on the board.

Dancer-style longboard that is made for those who want to push their limits, take it all on the road and get a full-on wheelie at the drop of a hat.

Dancer-style longboard that is made for those who want to push their limits, take it all on the road and get a full-on wheelie at the drop of a hat.

Best longboard dancing

Longboard dancing is a visible, flowy and skilful field that involves fluid cross-stepping and balancing tricks whilst carving at the board.  Those stepping hints are frequently referred to as “flatland” tricks, extraordinary from greater “jumpy” freestyle hints together with ollies, kickflips, shuvits, and slides.

See this place up for greater about longboard dancing and proper right here for extra freestyle.

While you dance, you float your weight round to your longboard in this kind of way to perform “dance” movements while at the identical time keeping your board rolling under you through a carving and pumping motion mixed into the dance.

What makes a very good longboard dancing setup? 

You could pretty a whole lot dance on any sort of board, but dedicated dancer boards will come up with the room and freedom you need to perform your stepping tricks, at the same time as the proper setup will hold you carving in a fluid manner.

 Best longboards dancing wheels

1-Fireball: Tinder Wheels – the pleasant all-round choice

If you’re seeking out a wheel that is both less expensive and great, the Fireball Tinder wheels are your satisfactory guess. Those wheels are tremendously similar to the Blood Orange Morgans above. They arrive in a 60mm diamSimilar to the Morgans, they have a completely soft experience for being 81a. Even though they may be that hard, the urethane method they use may be very smooth. This allows them to take in lots of vibration and offer a secure ride, even on rougher pavement. And that they nevertheless manipulate to have quite a few roll speed no matter being this gentle and small –  I used to be surely amazed by means of this.

I suppose the combination with the huge fibreglass centre lets in this. Whilst the urethane is gentle, the massive core stiffens up the wheel and allows it to have that short acceleration, at the same time as keeping that cushy, comfy feel. Better, have a 35mm touch patch, 81a durometer, and feature a huge fibreglass core.

The Tinder wheels additionally come stone ground so that you’ll be able to slide them out of the box. However, they do have dumpy urethane. This means they’ll leave lots of thane strains and put on fast from sliding. In case you’re planning on doing slides with these, you’ll discover that they’ll put on down right away. That stated, they’ll experience very constant and feel notable until you get to the middle.

You can check these wheels out here on

Eventually, for approximately $30 this wheel is hard to bypass. You get quite a few high-quality for a wheel that isn’t too high priced.

2-Seismic: Encore wheels – the highest exceptional alternative

Seismic has been around for some time. They will be one of the OG longboard businesses and are known for pushing the envelope in relation to wheel technology. It’s no marvel that their Encore wheel is making a function on my list. Permits start with the scale of the wheel. At 63.5mm the wheel will provide fast acceleration and be mild-weight. 

It will suit your board readily and be sincerely clean to push around

With a 33mm strolling floor, it offers lots of resistance in opposition to sliding and paired with the radiused lips, these wheels will smash traction smoothly and slide at a flick.

You can check these wheels out here on

However, what makes this wheel stand out is the Defcon urethane and the massive centre it makes use of. Seismic claims this middle to be the most important within the enterprise – which is a superb element as it continues the wheel light-weight, stiff and in the long run feeling steady all through its life.

3-Skate Blood Orange: Jammerz – a decent choice

The following set of wheels is a supply from Skate Blood Orange. Those guys are based in Cali and are known for supporting skaters and the enterprise with top-notch equipment that doesn’t disappoint. Test out the Jammerz beneath. The Jammers are an unfashionable-themed take on the longboard wheel. They were designed to be long-lasting, regular and roll rapidly.

At 60mm in diameter, those wheels are some of the smallest on my listing. This approach may be lighter and will boost up a piece quicker than the taller wheels in this list. However, they may suffer in opposition to pebbles and cracks – they may probably get stuck/stopped by way of them.

You can check these wheels out here on

So whilst they aren’t appropriate cruising wheels, they’re pretty exact dancing wheels thanks to the peak. They are available in 66mm and 69mm, so you can choose the ones if you’re after an extra all-spherical form of a wheel.

4 -EZ Hawgs – lightweight, and fast

From Hawgs, the 63mm EZ Hawgs are speedy rolling and lightweight. This stuff takes off surprisingly properly for his or her size and is capable of holding pace. At their 63mm tall and 40mm-ish size, they’re perfect.

In addition, they slide extraordinarily easily, so that they’re correct in case you need to pressure the board to rotate whilst doing a revert or 100 and eighty. They don’t preserve your decreased lower back.

You can check these wheels out here on

My main trouble with them is how they enjoy the rougher floor. They don’t lose their pace however they replicate plenty of road vibration which may be uncomfortable. Obviously, you’ll be dancing on the easy floor, however, in case you want to skate/commute everywhere, they received it be the nicest wheels.T for dancing

5-Bones Wheels: rough Riders – no longer the nice option

Bones were pioneers within the skateboard industry seeing that day one and their merchandise have continuously proved itself. It’s kind of hard to go incorrect with a Bones wheel.


The hard Riders wheel comes in at 56mm/59mm in length and 80a in durometer. But fairly, their small size doesn’t keep them again as an awful lot as you’d think. They could take care of small stones, dust and choppy pavement However, I’ve heard that this wheel does have the hazard of the chunk if it runs into a lessen, or is slammed down hard. Given the tricks of longboard dancing this wheel likely won’t final very lengthy.

You can check these wheels out here on

But to be honest, chunks don’t wreck performance that tons – they simply look ugly. If you don’t thoughts an unpleasant searching wheel, this one should be of interest to you, however, if you need a wheel that holds together honestly and properly, not simply.

7 Compelling Product critiques for The great Freestyle Longboard


Slendor Longboard Skateboard

  • Brand: Slendor
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches
  • Material: Rock Maple deck + Soft PU wheels + Aluminum trucks + ABEC-9 bearings
  • Deck Length: 42 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness: 85A

If you’re seeking out a solid selection that’s worth every penny, the Splendour Longboard needs to be your first choice. It is right for novices as well as intermediates. It’s a committed freestyle longboard that runs quietly and feels robust and supportive anywhere. While you’ve used longboards for as long as I’ve, you’d hate losing your cash on something that wasn’t precise for what it’s constructed for. And the Splendour is one of the few longboards that is right for an expansion of longboarding styles.

Though I don’t advocate it for going downhill. It’s outstanding for freestyling, cruising, and even round deep curves, bends, and corners on the street.

  • It is able to tackle taller and heavyweight riders.
  • The deck layout holds up properly to severe use.
  • Doesn’t make a legitimate on clean/tough pavements.
  • Amazing for turning in corners with attitude modifications.
  • Correct and convenient contours for carving.
  • The quality of the wheels, vehicles, and deck is durable.

  • You have to maintain tightening the trucks.
  • The grip tape isn’t exceptional.
  • The picture, emo layout on the lowest is just too loud.


VOLADOR 42inch 

  • Brand: VOLADOR
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches
  • Material: Maple
  • Deck Length: 42 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A

In the assessment of the photograph design of the previous pick, the Volador Longboard Cruiser seems diffused and attractive. It turns out very easily too. For a freestyle longboard, it’s a wonderfully useful longboard. With 7-inch kingpin vehicles, an eight-ply deck, and ABEC-nine bearings. What this is right for is carving, freestyling, and cruising. The deck turns well with a comfy flip radius. I suggest it hits sidewalks and plays as much as one hundred ten-diploma attitude turns quick and correctly. All this you could do without decreasing pace, so it’s a stabilizing longboard with long-lasting flex. Speaking of flex, the deck gives a little anxiety resistance with little flex. However, you won’t observe this while you’re driving on notably uneven surfaces. It enables in keeping an awesome pace over massive cracks and gravels.

  • It’s an inexpensive entry-degree longboard for freestylers.
  • The grip tape is grippy and lengthy-lasting.
  • Now not at risk of scratches, dents, or dings.
  • The PU wheels are quiet and clean.
  • Extensive vans designed with adjustable bearings.
  • The 42-inch camber deck is powerful and quiet.
  • Hardrock maple and epoxy glue materials are splendid-flexible.

  • Not so extremely good for severe use.



  • Brand: INNOWEIGH
  • Deck width: 9 Inches
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Durometer hardness: 80A

The INNOWEIGH is a versatile and all-in-one longboard for freestyling. It features greater long-lasting elements and might tackle heavier riders without a fuss. I’m speaking approximately the 80A PU wheels, PU surprise absorb ring and ABEC-eleven excessive-speed bearings of the INNOWEIGH. The deck is made up of eight plies of bloodless-pressed herbal maple with a rider weight of 330 kilos. It even functions as a frosted and robust anti-skid floor that stabilizes at maximum pace for freestylers of every age. This longboard is ideal for folks that need something for cruising and freestyling. You may modify it to suit your private fashion. It features the tools required for making adjustments as properly so that you don’t need to pay for it one at a time

  • Pretty less expensive layout with long-lasting functions.
  • The deck has little flex with strong bearings.
  • Effective and anti-skid grip tape.
  • Extraordinary pace for gliding and carving.

  • The wheels do squeak a chunk.
  • The grip tape may additionally come off over time.
  • Prone to chipping if now not taken accurate cope with.


Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards

  • Brand: Magneto
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches
  • Material: Fiberglass, Aluminum
  • Deck Length: 38.5 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness: Shore 78A

The Magneto Bamboo runs very without problems. It has a foolproof design with exquisite aesthetics, a 46-inch lengthy deck, and three plies of bamboo and carbon fibre mixture. So it can tackle a few pretty intense longboarding fashions. Particularly freestyling for which it’s miles maximum famous. The excellent characteristic of this longboard is the twin kick tails that permit the rider to carry out an expansion of hints. Freestyle consists of masses of spontaneous but calculated moves. So whilst you may easily waft on this longboard, it’s also capable of performing flips, shoves, and manuals without a fuss. You could want to tighten up the bearings a piece. After which, it glides and carves without worry. The wheels are softer with medium stiffness. This is right for turning on hard turns and carving.

  • Quick and smooth to experience proper out of the field.
  • High-quality aesthetics with twin kick tails for higher manoeuvrability.
  • The period of the deck makes it greater flexibility to use.
  • Best for downhill, freestyle, cruising, and carving.
  • Grip tape is first-rate, and amazing for appearing tricks.

  • Liable to minor dents around the rims.
  • You need to loosen the wheels/vans for a higher rolling speed.


MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

  • Brand: MINORITY
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches
  • Material: Maple
  • Deck Length: 40 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A

Freestyle involves both avenue pavement and skate park driving. This means you require a strong and balanced longboard with flexible features. Inside the case of MINORITY, this means a maple wood deck and 7in reverse kingpin vans, and 78A PU wheels. The MINORITY is the shining instance of what longboards can do for beginners. It is also perfect for angled riders who have many corners to reduce. In case you know what I suggest. It’s accurately suited for freestyle riders due to the fact it can perform properly on all surfaces without hassle. The huge and strong PU wheels with surprise-absorbing design have something to do with this. You may additionally make the most of the longboard with the opposite kingpin trucks that come with 50 or 45-degree angle adjustments.

  • The bearings are amazing with long-lasting wheels.
  • The maple wood deck lets in a few flexibilities.
  • It could move over velocity bumps and cracks without difficulty.
  • It flexes properly below heavyweight.
  • Drop concave layout stabilizes your feet accurately.
  • The minimum turning radius gives more manipulation.

  • Not the most durable longboard.
  • Ideal for the first-time consumer handiest.
  • Now not very excessive pace with pre-set up bearings.


White Wave Bamboo

  • Brand: White Wave
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Deck Length: 91 Centimeters
  • Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 7 Pounds

The White Wave is a dream cool longboard for everyone obsessed with freestyling. It feels strong and is derived from absolutely-equipped and effective competencies. Beginning with the amazing deck, it has a custom form that reduces vibration and glides smoothly. The wheels are fabricated from extremely-excessive rebound urethane that stabilizes and gives greater directional control. The bearings are crafted from aluminium so they are rapid and robust. And the more spacing among them, thanks to the integrated spacers, make all of the difference in unique control and rapid motion.

  • Best for all ability tiers.
  • It turns smoothly with a comfy turning radius.
  • The classy of the board is also very flattering.
  • It comes completely assembled with clean-to-hold elements.
  • Exceptional materials like aluminium, maple, and bamboo.
  • Heavy-duty trucks with ABEC-nine bearings.
  • The wheels are custom-made for cruising and freestyle riding.

  • None to date.


Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Cruzer 

  • Brand: SANTA CRUZ
  • Deck Width: 10 Inches
  • Deck Length: 40 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness: 90A
  • Item Weight: 2.28 Kilograms

 The Santa Cruz impact is a great choice for freestyle, cruising, and downhill riding. Kudos to the exquisite grip tape and long deck layout. The deck is a product of 7 plies of maple which presents power and balance on a variety of surfaces. It has a low middle of gravity. This contributes to its stability for downhill in addition to freestyle longboarding. The trucks are five inches tall making it a flexible pick for tall and heavy riders as nicely. The bullet vehicles and first-rate wheels come with smooth padding which reduces resistance and noise at the same time as riding. Whether or not you’re riding on gravel or easy pavements, the wheels don’t squeak or vibrate beneath stress.

  • It will increase speed quite simply whilst riding.
  • Lightweight and portable to hold round.
  • The long deck period helps downhill riding.
  • Strong and robust deck.
  • Long lasting and smooth grip tape for traction.
  • Remarkable for carving.

  • Not enough critiques online.

Pleasant dancing longboard

Loaded Boards Bhangra

  • Brand: Loaded Boards
  • Deck Width: 9.5 Inches
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Deck Length: 107 Centimeters
  • Durometer Hardness: 77A

The Bhangra remains the undisputed all-time favourite among the dancing longboarding community and has for years (considering 2010).   It’s priced at around $360, which is quite the right fee for this sort of excellent and durable dancer board. The forty-eight.5″ x 9.5″ (32. Seventy five″ wheelbases) deck is large and designed specifically for dancing.  At 6.3 lb for the entire, the Bhangra is brilliant for dancing but can be a bit extra hard for freestyle bounce tricks for an amateur.

The board’s mellow concave offers you facet management for fluid carving, without moving into your manner on foot.  The rockered profile – meaning the deck is curved lengthwise and lower inside the middle than on the ends – gives a sense of consolation and protection whilst shifting around at the board.

The bamboo creation gives the Bhangra what you could bear in mind simply the proper amount of flex.  The board certainly comes in flex alternatives, a stiffer “Flex1” for heavier riders and freestylers, and a flexier “Flex2” for extra responsiveness in carving. The big kicktail and nose with robust grip tape on them make it clear to guide and pivot.  The grip tape becomes much less competition between the vehicles, letting you skip freely as you press on rails for carving or pirouette around on the deck.

Beefy size wheel cutouts lessen the danger of wheel bite while carving tough.  Loaded’s counselled configuration with Paris v2 180mm vehicles and 70mm Orangatang Stimulus wheels (83A duro) works well for board walking. 

1-Loaded Mata Hari

Loaded Boards MATA Hari

This board is superb whether or not you want to cruise, carve, push, pump, pop and turn, walk and spin, or even freeride greater freestyle trickery and sliding, the harder and smaller 66mm Keanu’s (86A duro) is a good choice. Usual, the Bhangra has tested to be one of the great dancing longboards obtainable.

You can check these wheels out here on

2-The Loaded Tarab

The Tarab is Loaded’s excessive-tech evolution of the Bhangra, a fabulous, pure dancing board built using the most high-stop fabric and era.  Although high-priced at $440 for the complete, the Tarab is widely considered the Rolls Royce of cheap dancing longboards. The Tarab is built in the leading-part era with a bamboo centre sandwiched among layers of basalt (lava material) making it lighter than the Bhangra.  The deck is 47″ x 9.5″, barely shorter than the Bhangra. The adjustable wheelbase is going from 31.25″ to 32.25″, the longer setting being satisfactory for board taking walks vs the shorter one for freestyle hints.

Loaded Boards Tarab II Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

The Tarab is more of a natural dancer than the Bhangra, with milder concave and rocker and flatter kicks for stepping freedom.  That stated, the completely symmetrical form works extremely well for flips and shuvits, and the advocated fast unfastened wheels do trace at a few exceptional tech trickeries.

You can check these wheels out here on

3-The Landyachtz Stratus

The Landyachtz Stratus is barely smaller than Loaded’s dancer forums, at forty-five.5″ x nine.25″ with a 29.5″ max wheelbase. Its major strength is its clearly lightweight, round four lbs, making it clean to carry around.

The in particular mild weight of the Stratus consequences from Landyachtz’s very personal  “Hollowtech” creation which makes use of hybrid fibreglass and wood material across the deck, allowing it to appear hollow in its centre – you can see via the deck within the sun. The Stratus has a surely large and flat popularity platform (EFP) for acting dancing tricks.  Just like the Tarab it’s completely symmetrical – maximum modern dancers now are – with very slight concave.

The tails are quite massive even though, and manufactured from wood for electricity, allowing a few pop tricks.

The deck has no grip between the trucks as grip interferes with board walking and the spinner hints through making your feet stick.  The tails, alternatively, have a sturdy grip on them. Like Loaded forums, the Landyachtz Stratus comes in flex options, “widespread” and “super Flex”.  The latter is first-class desirable for light-weight riders – heavier dancers may additionally without problems bottom out while leaping.

At the same time as riders just like the looks and weight of the Stratus, a few complaints about deck resistance – it doesn’t withstand effect properly over the years and every now and then breaks. A probable purpose, but, is that a few riders may perform tough freestyle hints on it, possibly even at the extremely good Flex model.   The Stratus, in the meantime, is more of a pure dancing deck.

You can check these wheels out here on

4-The Rayne Whip

The Rayne Whip forty-seven is 47″ lengthy by using 9.Five″ huge, with a 31″ wheelbase.  It’s in particular designed for dancing and board walking and centred on riding with “fashion and flow”.  It boasts a completely huge 31″ EFP.

best longboard dancing

That is every other hybrid deck, however, this one allies vertically with bamboo, more potent than steel yet lighter and flexible than maximum wooden, and triaxial fibreglass making the board top-notch light, durable and responsive.  As continually, it’s in reality a tradeoff between freestyle and flatland skills, despite the fact that extra concave facilitates deeper carving.

You can check these wheels out here on

5-Most low-priced): Magneto Bamboo Dancer

I’ve added the Magneto Dancer to my listing due to the fact this board definitely offers exact value for the money. It’s high-quality low-cost at around $a hundred and forty. Like some of the pricier top-class boards noted in advance, this massive forty-six″ by means of a 9.5″ deck is made from three plies of bamboo blended with fibreglass layers. The development offers the deck just enough stiffness for stability whilst dancing but sufficient flex to provide a clean journey. It additionally makes for a strong and durable deck.

The Magneto Dancer has massive symmetrical kicks for doing manuals, flip hints, and shove-its. It offers an exquisite shallow concave which does not now get in the manner of stepping, pirouetting, and continuous edge carving. The top mount flat pinnacle offers an adequate and comfy platform for board walking. The cambered profile (diffused upward arch) outcomes in a totally active and responsive experience (slightly springy) whilst stepping and carving.

You can check these wheels out here on

6- Most flexible Loaded Dervish Sama

I believe the Loaded Dervish Sama, despite the fact that not a 100% dedicated dancer board, has its place on this list. I’d say it’s the maximum versatile option of all as it’s additionally a super board for commuting, distance pushing, pumping and carving, and even some freeride. With its forty two.8″ x nine″ deck, the Dervish is the smallest inside the list but nevertheless gives you lots of foot area for strolling and spinning. It’s additionally the lightest board on the list, making it great for a greater trick-oriented fashion. Via the huge wheel nicely cutouts are not specially designed for dancing, they make a contribution to creating this board’s outstanding versatility thru the large wheel clearance it gives.

You can check these wheels out here on

7-The Bustin Daenseu

The Bustin Daenseu isn’t normally located in skate stores anymore, but it’s a fantastic board that I own so I idea I’d consist of it on this top dancer listing anyway – 2d-hand Daensus are nonetheless trading around the marketplace, so who is aware of, you can get lucky.

The Daensu is a shorter dancer (forty-four.Nine″ x 8.Nine″) that became completely re-designed in its ultra-modern model to make it lighter, thinner, greater attractive, and extra freestyle pleasant.No matter it’s particularly brief length, the Daensu has totally lengthy wheelbase of 31.7″ (adjustable down), imparting plenty of room for old-school dancing tricks.

The board now has a brand new construction that mixes hard Canadian maple wood, proprietary epoxy, and fibreglass, resulting in a more lightweight and sturdy board than formerly.

You can check these wheels out here on

Functions of a terrific dancing longboard

Whilst dancing, you walk, go step and spin on your board, and you carve turns by shifting your body weight around.  Test out this post on longboard dancing to study the primary longboard dancing for rough roads.

Consequently, you need a dancing board with masses of room and one which is sufficient to turn upon diffused weight shifts, while not being too burnt.

  •   Dancing board deck shape and length

Dancer forums are normally very lengthy (43″+) and huge (nine″+) giving you adequate walking space with little risk of a shoe bite.  The EFP – effective Foot Platform, the actual floor you may stand on, is the quality metric to have a look at for a dancer, and need to be as huge as viable. Even as a long wheelbase is once in a while noted as a key function for dancing, wheelbase is truly now not that application due to the fact on such longer decks, the wheelbase will generally be lengthy sufficient (30″+) to make your board flowy and slower turning.

Note that some longboarders select slightly smaller systems for dancing as they find it less difficult to recognise wherein they’re on the deck, resulting in smoother dancing.  But, this comes at the price of more restricted strolling space. Maximum dancer longboards these days are top mount, which permits for a fast and responsive sense when carving even as strolling up and down the deck and doing spin actions. There are also drop-via dancing longboards, however – like the Dervish Sama in this list. Drop-via decks generally provide appropriate balance for dancing as they trip low to the ground.          

  • Dancing board concave and flex

Dancer longboards are frequently on the flat aspect or with diffused concave to help you carve by status on the rims whilst you’re step-taking walks.  A piece of concave can also help you find yourself on the board while spinning and moving. An excessive amount of concave can make the board steer too hard when you step close to the rails of the board, which could get within the manner of fluid and harmonious flatland carving.

Some dancing longboards have greater flex than others – a few fashions really offer several flex alternatives to select from.  Flex permits you to make longer carves and smoothen out your journey, as it reduces torsional stiffness consequently making turning slower.

Too much flex, however, can get inside the manner of balancing when doing dance tricks. Riders who like to combine freestyle hints with dancing might also choose a stiffer board for extra pop (for ollies and kickflips).  Others can also select greater flex for a softer touchdown whilst leaping at the board.  All in all, flex is without a doubt a remember of personal preference for dancing.

  • Dancing board vehicles

Trucks might not be as essential for dancing as for other longboards using patterns.  As you progress, but, you could begin seeking out faster, deeper carving vehicles.  First of all, you simply want enormously unfastened vans but stYou commonly need some correct RKP 180mm, 50º vehicles, e.G. Paris or Randals.  You could alternatively go together with 150mm trucks with risers, supplied they’re like-minded with your deck.

One essential factor is to select soft bushings relative to your weight.  Examples of appropriate bushing manufacturers consist of Riptide Cone, Barrel, and Venom. Able sufficient to offer you a little room for mistakes whilst you step through your board.

  • Dancing board wheels

Larger, heavier wheels which include the Orangatang 4President are exquisite for acting flatland tricks, as they can roll for a totally long term on an unmarried push. A wide touch patch additionally makes the wheels solid and gippy.  You want your board to preserve moving and carving even as you carry out your dancing hints and manuals.

Your choice of durometer additionally depends on your non-public blend of dancing, freestyle, and sliding manoeuvres.  If you usually do flatland tricks, pass for wheels on the softer aspect (e.G. 80A) for high grip and stability.

If alternatively, you want to slide in the course of your dancing periods, you may pick wheels with a higher durometer, e.G. 86A, for you to make it easier for you to break into slides on a really huge dancing longboard.

Longboard dance wheels shopping for guide

Length subjects! Which diameter ought you move for?

Whilst you are selecting your longboard wheels, some standard diameters you come upon will be between the 60-70mm range. However, which do you have to pass for?

The 60mm wheel?

The 60mm wheel may be short to boost up. It’ll be smooth to push and it is going to be very lightweight. But, it gained a whole lot of momentum, and roll velocity and gained it capable of passing over pebbles at all.

A wheel this length is high-quality in case you are searching for a truly lightweight setup. It’s also best when you have certainly easy pavement to practice on and get it to find yourself skating over rougher pavements.

This is due to the fact that wheels this size can’t cope with cracks, rougher pavement or pebbles. Due to their small diameter, a 60mm will often get caught and stopped by means of pebbles and such. Not plenty of difficulty in case you are skating on an easy floor – but something to think about in case you’ll be skating places you might run into on a rougher floor.

The 65mm wheel?

As you may believe, this wheel is the ‘quality of both worlds. It is slightly larger than the 60mm so it’ll deal with rougher ground and pebbles better. It is smaller than 70mm, so it’ll be lighter and simpler to deal with while doing flips and tiger claws.

In my opinion, this is a nice diameter to move for in case you are an amateur. In case you are a person who’s skilled and is aware of better, you may pick to go together with either of the wheel diameters – you’ll have an idea of whether or not you’ll like something heavier, something light-weight, or something that offers you a truly smooth experience. However, for beginners, that is the exceptional one to pick out. It offers you the excellent homes of each. After riding it for some time, you can then decide in case you’d like something heavier or lighter and select something else in addition down the line.

Does weight depend?

Yes and no. If we’re speaking about extreme situations, then sure it does. A 70mm wheel will be plenty heavier than a 60mm wheel. However, the distinction between a 60mm wheel and a 65mm isn’t so much and a rider quickly adjusts to them. A wheel may additionally actually have a few features like a big core with a purpose to help reduce its weight.

But in numerous instances no, your setup, your deck, and the vehicles you pick for longboard dancing will probably make the biggest differences.

How does the middle make a distinction?

A large centre means a lighter wheel. The middle is especially there to aid the wheel and keep the lips stiff and prevent them from flexing. But, because it isn’t made from urethane – they’re typically made from certainly sturdy, however lightweight plastics.

Wheels which are 60mm in length typically don’t have big cores. They may be already so small, order that they get all the assistance they need from a smaller core.

Wheels 65mm+ may also from time to time have a large core. A big middle allows them to have all of the benefits of larger wheels, but the lightweight benefit a smaller wheel has. It gives a ‘nice of both worlds’ type of feel. But, a larger middle does imply a wheel will cost a bit extra, but it may be worth it for the improvement in overall performance.

What wheel do I suppose is satisfactory?

The above said and executed, for most people the design and look of the wheel could be the biggest determining thing. Fortunately, a ton of the wheels above have both – suitable looks and superb overall performance.

If you are still undecided, I exceedingly propose the Seismic Encores if you could find the money for them. The one’s wheels will now not disappoint. But, they won’t suit maximum budgets because of their excessive expenses. A few affordable wheels like the Skate Blood Orange Morgan pros would paint sincerely well for maximum too.

What wheels are first-class for longboard dancing?

If you’re searching for a wheel that is both low-cost and exquisite, the Fireball Tinder wheels are your best guess. Those wheels are brilliant just like the Blood Orange Morgans above. They arrive in a 60mm diameter, have a 35mm touch patch, 81a durometer, and a massive fibreglass middle.

What longboard is satisfactory for freestyle?

The Whip 41 is right for riders who can be doing in most cases freestyle, turn hints and quick, nimble footwork. The modest length of the forty-one offers you much less board to whip around, relative to the forty-four and the 47, so it is also the lightest of the series

Are you able to dance on a freestyle longboard?

A longer deck will give you extra room for stepping. Ultimately your longboard may be appearing as a dance floor, so in case you need the space, the larger the better. A shorter deck will weigh less and require energy to pop into the air and to do flips if you’re extra into freestyle.

What length of the longboard is excellent for dancing?

Among forty-48 inches

Longboards for dancing are typically plenty longer and tend to fall between 40-48 inches in duration. They tend to be this long so that you will have sufficient room to do go-steps and all sorts of moves at the deck.

Are you able to cruise on a dancing longboard?

You may either go along with pretty gentle wheels around the 80A mark in case you plan to additionally cruise at the board or less available wheels (86A) in case you additionally plan to perform a little sliding and avenue-like trickery.

Are drop-through longboards true for dancing?

Drop-through decks usually provide the right balance for dancing as they experience low to the floor. Double drop decks (drop-via mount + drop platform) are even more strong – although now not as responsive and proof against stress as a top mount deck.

Can you do tricks on a longboard without a tail?

The picture end result for the way to pick up a longboard without a tail

Drop-thru longboards are normally inexpensive, have shorter tails, and have a small platform which makes longboard hints greater difficult. Despite the fact that that does not suggest they are not possible! Below is a listing of longboard tricks you may do and not use tails.

Your cross – to buying manual for The fine Freestyle Longboard

Now, it’s time for the technical stuff. But I’ll try to be as quick and correct as possible.

However, before we start, answer this: what’s the first aspect you study while you see a longboard?

Duration, shape, vans, or wheels? Otherwise, you’re easier than that and you notice simply the design of the longboard?

These types are essential whilst considering a freestyle longboard.

1. Size

The deck size of a longboard is an aggregate of different capabilities. It’s a hybrid because of this it’s longer than a skateboard and additionally wider.

Many lengths shape the wishes and abilities of a freestyle rider. You can pick out a deck that is forty two-inches long or maybe forty six-inch. Even though a forty-six-inch deck is more suitable for downhill longboarding than cruising or freestyle.

For freestyling, you crave greater control and traction. That’s why selecting between a forty-one-inch to 43-inch duration deck is the correct variety for the satisfactory freestyle longboard.

2. Shape

Freestyle longboard form

Maximum longboards characteristic a symmetrical shape on both ends of the board. This dual symmetrical form lets in higher motion, speed manipulation, and angling. It’s also the extra flexible desire for freestyle driving. You may carry out a spread of freestyle tricks on a longboard with a dual symmetrical form.

3. Vehicles

Trucks are available in extraordinary shapes and designs on a longboard. For freestyle, but, I advise kingpin or opposite kingpin vans. The previous is good for appearing as professional freestyle hints. While the latter is a greater ideal for riders who want extra manipulation and stability at better speeds.


Medium-company stiffness is good for freestyle longboards. Don’t move for softer wheels or stiffer wheels. Softer wheels won’t be capable of tackling road pavements. And that they don’t close as long. While extremely stiff wheels will skid more as you’re freestyling.

To optimize balance and enhance foot motion and manipulation, cross for wider wheels that allow you to jump quickly with your longboard. Starting from 57mm as much as 70mm – that is the variety which you pick from in keeping with your style.


The longboard deck is made from numerous substances

The longboard deck is crafted from diverse materials

This selection doesn’t get mentioned a whole lot. It needs to as it performs a totally essential position. You could determine the flex of a longboard by means of its deck material.

Deck materials range from maple, bamboo, fibreglass, and a few others. These are the most commonplace (and famous) ones for freestyle longboards.

Maple is long-lasting and stiff. It’s additionally the maximum normally used material for less expensive longboards. In case you’re looking for much less skidding, extra stability, and stability, a maple deck gives a cosy flex.

Bamboo has extra soar and breathability. it’s miles splendid for freestyle while it’s in mixture with something difficult like fibreglass. Then it offers the rider greater management, flexibility, and springiness. Not the satisfactory choice for excessive pace even though.

Fibreglass is stiff and extra forgiving and agile. It is able to take you to higher speeds. And its flex residences are specific in that it’s miles proof against stress. This property of fibreglass is extraordinary and that’s why its prices are greater than maple and bamboo.

Often requested Questions (FAQs)

1. WHAT’S THE quality MOUNT type FOR FREESTYLE driving?

Mount kinds are also known as mount patterns. The mount refers to the vehicles that are attached to the deck board. The trucks hold the wheels that stabilize the deck board.

Depending on the mount kind, the centre of gravity of a deck could be both higher or decreased. This additionally influences how balanced your ft experience is at the deck.

A decreased middle of gravity is right for freestyle riding. Drop thru mounts, drop decks, and double drop decks are suitable for bridging the gap between the floor and your toes.

They are right for balance however very accurate for maintaining excessive speeds. For high speeds, you can pass for a composite deck mount with opposite kingpin vehicles and a longer longboard length.


Gripping and balance at the deck. For freestyling, a shallow concave is vital. The deck is more flexible and you’ve higher control of the longboard even as freestyling and appearing hints.

3. DO FREESTYLE LONGBOARDS WEIGH an excessive amount of?

Whilst thinking about portability, weight is critical. The burden of a fashionable longboard, as an example, is everywhere between eight to ten pounds. A few freestyle longboards include longer decks and a much broader wheelbase, they weigh greater than 2 to a few kilos more than preferred longboards.

However, heavier longboards are desirable for cruising, carving, and dancing.

Very last thoughts

I’m hoping the whole lot about the exceptional freestyle longboard is apparent as day in order to apprehend. How well can you operate a longboard for freestyle riding? Can you use a freestyle longboard for downhill longboarding? These questions are just as essential as the ones we usually ask about longboards.

Along with the important features of a freestyle longboard, do examine up to approximately safety equipment. Buy the perfect equipment to guard your face, knees, and other exposed parts of the body while skating. Remember to leave a comment by using letting us recognize your maximum essential freestyle tip & trick to get greater out of the longboarding experience!

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