10 Best longboard (Review and Buying Guide) 2023

“You walk I longboard”

It’s no surprise that longboarding is gaining popularity among individuals of all ages. Riding down a nice asphalt route is enjoyable while also relaxing the thoughts.

Gliding and spinning on the calm landscape might make you feel as if you’re hovering, yet you’re in complete power of your direction. As the countryside blurs around you, your mind is freed from cares and worry as you grab a minute to genuinely enjoy the trip.

But don’t worry; with the aid of this article, you’ll be well on your road to deciding which longboard is right for you!

On such a longboard, the combination of parts is not really apparent to a beginner. Check read our buying

Recommendations if you’re uncertain regarding the many parameters linked to longboards and what you must watch out for — and how.


Landyachtz Drop Hammer

In the realm of longboarding, Landyachtz is famous for beginners. They’re also recognized for their environmental activities.

Landyachtz is dedicated to developing amazing longboards for users of all ability levels, in addition to their

Environmental dedication. This board is ideal for traveling on a regular basis, and also downward smashing and sculpting.

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer is built to travel quickly while being manageable. The wide, smooth tires give you a cloud-like ride, whereas the superior trucks give you complete stability and balance.

2: Best for Cruising: ARBOR FISH BAMBOO:


Arbor Collective longboards have been noted for integrating organic timber texture as an element of its style that makes sense considering their name & commitment to the conservation of nature.

Arbor longboards are attentively crafted with care and attention to their construction, in addition to being rough. This specific sailor deck – the Arbor Fish Bamboo – has a wood covering. This gives the board more range of motion, making for a distinct travel experience.

This board’s broad trucks and huge, soft wheels offer is excellent for rolling over difficult terrain with system stability. As a result, the Arbor Fish Bamboo is great for traveling or cruising slopes with friends. However, this board isn’t designed for blasting massive slopes or executing more complex stunts.

Cruising is a longboarding method that entails traveling lengthy journeys at a relaxed pace. Cruising is considered by novices as the most frequent way for longboarding.

3: Best for Downhill: SECTOR 9 MONKEY KING PARADISO:

Sector 9 Monkey King Paradiso Complete

If you want to experience the unrivaled excitement of blasting a large hill and putting down some clean flips. The Monkey King Paradiso from Sector 9 is the nicest longboard. Sector 9 is one of the best-renowned longboard makers, and for a considerable cause.

They manufacture a variety of boards for various forms of longboarding, and this one is unquestionably the best for downhill surfing. Your center of mass will be reduced with a strong 9-ply deck and drop thru truck installation.

This helps maintain control of the system at incredible velocities much simpler. Rotation is precise and fast owing to the reversing pivot trucks. The huge, squishy tires will hold the road well enough to keep you in control while also allowing for high-speed sliding.

4: Best For Tricks: LANDYACHTZ ATV:

Landyachtz ATV Skateboard

The options are unlimited whenever it comes to executing feats on a longboard if you are imaginative sufficiently!

This is my favorite element of the sport because it allows you to show yourself via stunts. Adding to your toolbox, on the other hand, maybe both annoying and dangerous. That is why having the appropriate longboard for the job is critical.

Tricks are feasible on all longboards, although they are significantly simpler on kicktail boards. This makes it considerably easier for the rider to accomplish stunts that involve becoming airborne.

The Landyachtz ATV is obviously constructed with stunts in mind, featuring a 31-inch wheelbase and a kicktail.

The Landyachtz ATV deck is slighter as compared to another longboard on our tilt. Nevertheless, it is competent in all the same tasks as its larger siblings.

Despite the fact that our board’s axles and tires are larger than plenty of normal skateboard axles and tires, it is significantly lightweight over several of the similar boards on this ranking.

5: Best for Beginners: ARBOR MISSION PHOTO 35”:

Arbor Skateboards Photo Complete Mission 35

Arbor Collective’s Mission Photo 35″ is an excellent pick for people who are just getting started in the realm of longboarding.

The deck has a moderate deck having a kicktail for performing tricks, as well as a sturdy walnut top ply. 

This board has soft, smooth-riding wheels that are large but not enormous, as well as trucks that aren’t too broad. The reason I recommend this board to novices is that it falls somewhere in the center of numerous categories (no pun intended). It may be used to do stunts, ride down slopes, or simply drive about in luxury and style.

As you proceed in your longboarding journey, you will certainly discover certain aspects of the game appeal to you better than others. Perhaps you like the rush of running down slopes over the excitement of executing feats.

This longboard will provide you with a high-quality board that could do it all, but as you learn more about your riding style, you might just want to invest in a board that is more tailored to your preferences.

You may, however, discover that you prefer doing some bit of anything, and this is the longboard best brand that will certainly enable you to do so!



Most of the longboards in this list feature wheels and bearings that enable them to go at a high speed.

The Arbor Collective’s Axis Solstice, on the other hand, would provide you with far better control over your speed. This ensures you’ll be more secure as you drift back down big inclines, seeking to breach the barrier.

The drop-down design of the deck reduces the rider’s center of gravity and increases steadiness. The vehicles are quick while remaining steady. The huge, soft wheels, which are also built by Arbor Collective, provide traction where it’s needed while yet allowing for a power slide when needed.

This board can handle both extended excursions via picturesque paths and intense hill pounding. However, because this board lacks a kicktail, it is unable to do techniques like ‘have heard and guides.

7: Best for Versatility: LANDYACHTZ RIPPER POSTCARD:

Landyachtz Dipper Postcard Complete Longboard

The Ripper Postcard is a Landyachtz inclusion on our list. This is another board with high-quality components that may be used as a jack-of-all-trades.

The deck is both elastic and lighter yet remains durable. The deck’s form is evocative of a vintage surfboard. It features a kicktail and is thin sufficiently so the wheels clear the deck, eliminating the risk of wheel bite.

This board is versatile enough to be used for a variety of longboarding applications. Developing techniques like rotations or shuvits, as also as growing accustomed to sliding downhill in steep terrain, would be a breeze on this board.

8: Honorable pick- White Wave Bamboo Longboards:

White Wave Bamboo

Regardless of the fact that the load adds a little extra mass, it stabilizes the board for the user. Whenever it relates to longboards, the wide bottom and length come in handy since they allow for effortless cruising and swinging at incredible velocities.

The elevated vinyl board is somewhat stable, so it should endure a considerable duration. It also has aluminum axles featuring ultra-high bouncing springs as well as a length of 180 mm (7 inches). Furthermore, high bounce rubber tires measuring 70 mm x 50 mm enable you to slide freely. It has hellion

Axles with built-in spacer, which are quick and robust.

Even though the longboard is not as small as a skateboard, you will have no issue fitting it into the bottom of the bag due to its lightweight.

9: Best for Kids: Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard:

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser

Because of its tiny and lightweight design, Kryptonics’ Mini Cutaway Cruiser is an excellent choice for children. It’s composed of eight-ply maple for long-lasting sturdiness, and it’s coated with gripping film for maximum traction on the bike. It also includes aluminum trucks and angled riser pads, which allow for quick speeds with less wheel bite.

It’s an excellent option for youngsters because it can sustain up to 220 lbs at once, so you won’t have to replace this when kids reach a period of rapid.

10: Best Electric: Blitzart Hurricane 38″ Electric Longboard:

Blitzart Hurricane 38

If you’re searching for an electric longboard, Blitzart’s Hurricane Electric Longboard is a wonderful pick. It’s composed of six-plywood and bamboo, and the 3.5-inch diameter wheels give a wonderfully smooth ride.

You can go up to 10 miles per charge owing to the connected motor shaft, which helps to attain speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. The curved deck gives you lots of space to maneuver about during riding, and it charges in three hours, so you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Professional Opinions:

“The biggest frequent mistake I observe novices make is to intellectualize, which leads to less time spent longboarding. Don’t get me wrong: you should do your homework, but if you apply the recommendations provided, you’ll be in good shape to begin your longboarding trip on the correct foot.” ― Billy James, longboarder and Shred Shack founder.

What to Think about When Purchasing a coolest Longboard:

Consider your riding position, board design, structure, and parts when selecting the best longboard for your requirements.

Longboard design:


Longboarding for cruising and carving entails riding down gradually sloping streets and making lengthy pushes on flat ground.


It’s all about excitement and speed in this game. Most of the time, you’ll be squatting on your board to reduce wind resistance and maximize stability. This is not the ideal place to start if you are new to biking.


Hill speed, curb jumps, and occasional sliding are all part of free ride longboarding. To manage the board and feel comfortable with high-speed descents, you’ll need some fundamental abilities.


Freestyle longboarding is a technical sport that includes board stunts, dancing, and excellent control. Starting with simpler motions is an excellent approach to learning the secrets of the trade and improving your riding abilities and confidence.

Tips about Best LONGBOARD Purchasing:

There are various separate elements to consider when making a decision on longboards. The sheer variety of decks, axles, tires, and joints available to a newbie to the sport might be overwhelming. The purpose of this portion of the article is to debunk a few of the technical languages associated with the activity and its gear.

Our Verdict:

All of the longboards I’ve examined are among the best beginner-friendly longboards available at a reasonable price. As a novice, you should concentrate on cruising smoothly from one location to another while riding a sturdy and high-quality longboard. Of course, some simple techniques can be added.

With this in mind, I feel the Volador Freeride Longboard is the perfect combination of beauty and beast for you. So, either opt for the Volador or the Atom Drop Deck if you want something a bit less expensive.

Bottom line:

Therefore, good longboards aren’t really just practical for commuting but equally fun to ride. Longboarding has therapeutic effects, allowing you to keep active and well as experience a good time. With a little experience, anybody may enjoy this pastime, whether they are a youngster or an adult. You may also become an expert by completing a variety of feats and acrobatics to impress your friends. Well, as you’ve learned a lot about the best longboards for newbies, figuring out which one is right for you might be a bit smoother.

Shred Shack founder and longboarder, says. “However, I understand that not everybody has that luxury, so the next best thing is to figure out what kind of riding style you prefer.”

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