Magneto 44″ kicktail cruiser longboard Skateboard review

We’re eager to educate you on all there is to know regarding it. Let’s go through a couple of essential points:

This board might appear to be an expert device that should not be handled by novices, yet this is far from the case. This board is ideal for novices because it is inexpensive, easy to handle, and will last for decades!

Moreover, while this board might appear basic, its size is an important factor to consider if you’re a newbie. Evaluate all of the specifications to make sure the board will fit your feet.

Whenever it refers to the Magneto, there’s much to contemplate, and you’ll learn it all in very few seconds, so we trust you’re prepared.

Let’s get this thing started!

Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Crusader Longboard?

As we move into the intricacies, we need to look at certain fundamental facts that will help you adequately the specifics we’ll go through afterward.

So, let’s get down to business!

The main essential point to remember is that the Magneto 44-inch kicktail crusader is a longboard with a variety of possibilities.

One the of biggest remarkable detail is that it is exclusively available in one size and does not exist in numerous sizes.

We’re discussing the following aspects:

  1. length: 44″
  2. 9″ in width
  3. The wheelbase is 27″.

All of these measurements are crucial to examine even though several of the youthful and shorter riders viewing this might discover this board to be too large for them and must begin on anything really shorter.

Otherwise, the Magneto is a wonderful board to ride on a daily basis if you’re big enough to ride it.

Because of its sturdiness, this board feels safe and solid while riding. It’s also great for cruising and freestyle maneuvers.

Its riders have a lot of options, which is something to think about. That implies you don’t need two boards if you’re either enjoying cruising about the city & executing certain feats that are enabled by the height and breadth of the board; you could do it all using the Magneto.

So presently as you understand what to search for in the next few paragraphs, we can enlighten you regarding the elements that are accountable for these incredible findings. Furthermore, keep a look open for more possible details concerning the board’s drawbacks!

Deck & Deck Size:

When it concerns a board, deck size is perhaps one of the most crucial elements. We’ve already stated that this board is solid and secure, however now you’ll discover exactly.

The length of the deck on this board is an important characteristic that ensures steadiness throughout extended cruising excursions. It’s also tough and adequate to withstand whatever creative stunts you have on your sleeve.

If your feet possess sufficient room to walk properly, your body completely seems steady, which is precisely how you would experience when pedaling the Magneto.

This deck has a firm hardwood foundation and is composed of bamboo, making it equally elastic & sturdy.

A decent board and deck amelioration is critical, and larger decks struggle to stay stable in circumstances where this is critical.

Magneto isn’t bothered by this, and it’s one of the reasons it’s so good at stunts.

The bottom of the deck has a transparent powder coat finish that gives an extremely gripping grip, making it better beginner-friendly than comparable boards.

As previously said, the deck’s dimensions are 44×9 inches, and when paired with the gripping surface, you get the finest conceivable result and riding enjoyment.

Furthermore, the appearance of this deck demonstrates that trendy and street fashion mix nicely combined.

Strength & Mobility:

A board must be elastic or rigid sufficient whenever required, in addition to having strong and properly positioned.

As a result, the next most significant factor is mobility and durability.

The board’s suppleness, or lacking thereof, is what renders it suitable for either leisurely surfing and drifting as well as creative stunts.

If a board is overly light and pliable, it’s great for a relaxing ride but not so excellent for maneuvers. And while a rigid board is great for stunts and hard-beating, it’s not enjoyable to skate for lengthy periods of time.

Despite the fact that this board is rigid & durable, it nevertheless has some suppleness, making it more pleasant than the remainder of the stiff boards on the market. Because of its mobility, it has a little greater durability and is much more implications compared to the other entirely rigid boards.

Furthermore, we must state that the board’s little flex has no effect on the performance of your abilities and that it is hard sufficient to accomplish certain creative feats. In terms of durability, this board appears to be unaffected by either extended cruise-style rides or stunts which can take a toll on a board.

We’ve put it through its paces several times and could confidently declare that indeed all outings aren’t a problem to this board. We’ve already attempted a range of freestyle stunts, and one aspect we’ve observed is the Magneto is really ideal for stunts that demand a smaller board. All of the other feats, particularly those performed while traveling on level ground, are simple to accomplish.

Trucks & Wheels:

The wheels are the final, although not a most, crucial component of a decent board.

Whenever it relates to smooth rides, fast speeds, and stability during tricks, wheels are key, and they’re also necessary for a good board.

These small details have been given a lot of thought, and it’s clear from the outset.

The 70mm wheels are made of 78A flexible elevated rubber, which is what gives them their stability and durability.

The 78A hardness symbol indicates that they are softer tires designed specifically to be used on rough terrain.

Such wheels are ideal for uneven terrains such as pavements, highways, and other rough terrains, as harder wheels could let you feel each stone on the road.

As a result, flexible wheels such as those are ideal for both urban and rural touring.

Whenever it concerns tricks, those might just be too gentle, however, it all relies on the individual. If you’re bigger, the wheels could be too smooth for you, and you must search for some third-party wheels.

The wheels are 70mmx51mm in size, making them fairly broad, which is what gives them their stability.

When you’re a beginner rider, you’ll value the better steadiness these wheels provide.

Final thoughts:

We clearly understand that there is a great deal of knowledge to absorb and ponder. As a result, we’ve chosen to compile a summary of all the most significant info on the board and provide it to you in a condensed manner.

So, there are a few key points to keep in mind concerning the Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard:

  • Initially and foremost, the deck of this skateboard is fairly strong and steady, making it ideal for novice riders.
  • The front of the board has a transparent sand blaster finish that gives incredible hold for its users.
  • Furthermore, the Magneto is flexible enough to make lengthy cruises enjoyable while remaining firm and tight enough to allow you to do acrobatics.
  • Because the wheels included in the board are 78A, the complete piece is well featuring a beautiful set of wheels that give you additional steadiness and relaxation.
  • Overall, this is a bundle that comes with anything a rider requires. Although novice riders are given all of the essential aids for a safe and stable first ride.
  • The only item we recommend keeping in mind is that if you’re on the larger end, the wheels might be excessively soft for extended rides!

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